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Welcome to Hammock ADB!

Hammock’s a developer of games for web, PC, mobile, IPTV and Digital TV platforms. We also make music, sound effects etc. Contact us if you’re interested in licensing any of our games or like to commision the building of a custom game.
2010-10-26 'A Drumming Alchemist and his Puppet Ninja Zombie' was FINALLY released on today. It has been in development for more than 3 years, so tonight we must celebrate! Play Drums!
2008-09-25 A long time running side project has been completed. It's a remake of the c64 version of the all time classic maze shooter 'Wizard of Wor'. Play Wow!
2008-07-01 Troll Karl and the Essence of Evil (AKA Spectral Wizard) is now available at Gamesprocket. Gee Wiz!
2008-02-12 Vermin Invasion (AKA Alien Disorder) has been made available at Gamesprocket. Exterminate!
2007-10-09 Our latest entertainment effort, 'Alien Disorder' was released on today. Months of hard work packed into a heliattack-killer-action-adventure. Play it!
2007-08-01 A game called 'Supercock Fights Evil' has been produced for clothing brand Supercock.
2007-06-01 For the second time this year we've got a new office! We're now situated at Storgatan 8, Linköping downtown, in care of Powerchallenge.
2007-05-20 Hammock ADB will deliver games for the Indian gamesite
2007-02-06 Hammock ADB together with Hombre Productions Inc has produced a trailer for Powerchallenge's online football game. The video will be used to promote their Adidas installment of the game. To see it, go to - click ENTER SITE - click PLAY POWER FOOTBALL (WATCH THE FILM).
2007-01-20 Our new phone number is +46-(0)8-55925200.
2007-01-08 We've moved into a new office, the address is now Hammock ADB, Hertig Karlsgatan 2, 58221 Linköping. Stay tuned for a new phonenumber!
2007-01-01 Happy new year everybody!
2006-10-10 We've put together a plain helpfile for the game Spectral Wizard, click here to check it out. It will be updated as the questions keep coming in. If you've got a question, try to be specific. 'I'm stuck, help me!'-messages will have to wait for a rainy day to be answered! Good luck with your gaming!
2006-10-06 Spectral Wizard (AKA Troll Karl) has been released on It's fine blend of roleplaying and platform gaming.
2006-09-19 The reinforcement have arrived. We say welcome to our trainee Max Ringström who will be our code monkey this autumn!
2006-08-08 Our latest game, Feather Keeper (AKA Blueman) was released today at!
2006-03-27 We would like to give our new interns a warm welcome! Albin Åbom, Anton Höglund, Niclas Bengtsson, Lenny Lundgren, Tedde Lundgren, Martin Törnros, Fredrik Lindbom and Sebastian Gunnarsson will join us for a week of hard work!
2006-03-20 Hammock ADB/Numbat Studios are featured in the magazine Superplay's brand new mapping of the swedish game dev scene. Check out the march issue.
2006-03-02 Welcome to a new webpage! If you got comments, post em and we'll have a look at your highscore. Updates and fixes will follow so check back soon!
2006-02-28 HMK will deliver webgames for the american website
2006-02-26 A new wegame, Space Carrots, has been released and shipped for YoArcade!
2006-02-17 HMK has signed a deal with Sqd Interactive. Hmk together with Xplosion Studios shall deliver mobile ringtones for the Chinese market through the Falun/Sweden based octopus.
2006-01-15 HMK has been commisioned under contract by to build new games for the site.
2006-01-09 A new webgame, Major Madness, was completed just the other day and is out!
2005-12-01 Hammock ADB has joined the network Hälsans Nya Verktyg, which is 'a regional initiative for growth with its core in Östergötland, Sweden. The focus is on health and health related business. Its mission is to make the region of Östergötland a prime mover in the development of individually adapated solutions for best possible health.'
2005-09-01 We're now well established at our new office space at Hertig Karlsgatan 5B, Linköping. Come on in for a cup of cranberry juice!
2005-07-01 Webgame 'Leo Steel and the Aztek Gold' has now officially been played >15 Million times on the World Wide Web.