-The Angels Are Waiting-


2005-12-01: New screenshots, updated demo coming soon.
2005-10-03: A WEBDEMO is now availible click HERE to try it!
2005-09-22: A DEMO is now availible for download. Click HERE to get it! Contact Hammock ADB to get your start-code.

- - -

a new innovative game from NUMBAT STUDIOS and HAMMOCK ADB, makers of Leo Steel and Flea World.

is proud groundskeeper at the storage facility for feathers angel wings are made of. His daily routines constitues mainly of feather dusting the precious items. Suddenly, out of a blue sky, comes hundreds of twisted dirty creatures (obviously controlled by a one evil mind). The feathers are scattered into oblivion and the Blue Man is lost in limbo...

Now you must help the Blue Man to find his way home, gather the holy feathers and reveal who's the mastermind behind this disturbing mayhem. Hurry...the angels are waiting!

Screenshot 1: Blue man must travel through many dangerous worlds in pursuit of the unknown force that stole his wings from him.

Screenshot 2: Blue Man follows the trail of feathers deeper and deeper into the earth. The further he gets the braver he has to become. This screenshot shows a bonus level.

Game facts
- Format: Download and/or webgame
- Graphical size: 640x480 pixels
- Controls: Mouse or keyboard (optional)

Fun gameplay!
- Original idea, no retro game ripoff!
- Overall quest to complete
- Dynamic and varying missions
- Different worlds each with unique graphics.
- Many challenging levels means many hours of gaming!

Easy to learn!
- Tutorial mode included
- Kind learning curve
- First missions completes in less than one minute even for inexperienced gamers.
- Level passwords

Nice imaginative graphics!
- Colorful and fun
- No violence or blood

Classic game music!
- A catchy all original score
- Atmospheric sound effects
- Jingles

Please contact Hammock ADB for more information and playable demo!

Hammock ADB
Tomas Unosson