Take on the role as Kitty Cat, fresh out of cat teachers school, to find the lost kittens. The hunt goes through levels of back alleys, livingrooms, gardens and stinking sewers. This game is a bit like combining Hang Man and Super Mario Bros, with a tender focus on the puzzle part of the game. You don't have to be a hard core gamer to manage the platform part, this is a game for casual gamers! Each level has a hidden password that you need to find to advance. Every lost cat is assigned a letter. To find the password, put a letter-kitten of your choice into the wicker work cat basket and that letter will be placed as a guess.

Genre: Word puzzle / Platform
Players: 1
Platform: Web / PC
Technology: Shockwave
By: Hammock ADB / Numbat Studios
  Size: 20 MB
Year: 2006
Game size: 640x480 pixels
Licensing options: -
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